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10 Great Tips To Emphasize Success In Any Second Interview

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10 Great Tips To Emphasize Success In Any Second Interview

When applying for a new job, the interview process can be fairly tough. More and more companies are adapting the process of two to three interviews, personality tests, and background checks. Sometimes the first interview might be on the phone, and then the second interview can be face-to-face. Other times, you might have a face-to-face interview with a manager, and then a follow up or ‘second interview’ with a higher-up in a company. At any rate, here are some useful tips for your second interview.


1) First and foremost, do NOT forget to send a thank-you to the first interviewer.

It’s a professional courtesy that’s expected. Send the thank-you after each interview, including the phone interview, the first face to face, AND the second interview. Email something short, like ‘I enjoyed meeting with you today, thanks so much for your time and consideration.’


2) Go to the second interview with questions.

Chances are you’re going to want to impress the second round of interviewers even more than the first. The more questions you ask, the more you seem interested in the job. When they ask ‘Do you have any questions?’ – make sure you have plenty.


3) Bring some accolades with you to the second interview.

For example, if you have some written emails from your current managers (at your current or most recent position), print them off and show the interviewers your ‘good stuff.’ If you have an email that says you the employee of the month, or if you have won awards, make sure you let your new prospective employee how valued you are and how much of an asset you’ll make to their company.


4) Be on time.

Follow the Lombardi school of thought- ‘If you’re not fifteen minutes early, you’re late.’


5) Look your interviewers in the eyes and give them a firm hand shake.

Always give them a firm hand shake to show you are confident in yourself. Make them feel like you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.


6) Be prepared for the ‘Name a time when..’ questions.

More and more companies are asking scripted questions in the second interview. For example ‘Name a time when you had to overcome a customer who was angry and rude, and what did you do to help the situation?’ A good idea is to write out some of these scenarios the night before.


7) Always dress business professional.

It makes you look and feel more confident in the interview.


8) Listen attentively, don’t interrupt.

It’s so important to listen to what the interviewee is saying and show genuine interest and concern for the information.


9) Make sure to check out the company’s web site the night before and know what they do.

Be familiar with the business and mention ‘I was looking at your web site last night and I have a question…’ Managers love when new employees are excited about a new job.


10) Bring your resume with references, personal and business.

This is just in case they don’t have a copy.

When you’re finished with the interview, make sure to thank your interviewers for their time and consideration, and tell them you’ll look forward to hearing what the next steps are.

These second interview tips will help make you more confident. Remember, you have to interview the company as much as they interview you.

Make a good impression with your questions, knowledge about the company, looks, and professionalism.

Good luck!


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