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10 Phone Interview Tips That Will Help You Succeed In Any Interview

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10 Phone Interview Tips That Will Help You Succeed In Any Interview

The phone interview can be one of the simplest yet also most difficult types of interviews to prepare for. One of the reasons is because of the tendency to be more relaxed, which can either be a good thing or bad, depending on how the interviewee prepares themselves. Here are a number of phone interview tips to help guide you through the process.


1. Find a quiet place.

Here, quiet not only means an area that has little or no background noise, but one that is also free from any potential interruption during the interview.


2. Be notable.

This is one very important advantage over an in-person interview since you will be able to look at notes either on your computer or on a note pad. This is very helpful to avoid factual errors.


3. Dress for the part.

The consensus is that you should dress just as if you were going to an in-person interview. One reason is that you will have to physically prepare, which also makes you more mentally prepared for the interview.


4. Act as if the interviewer is sitting next to you.

Mentally simulating the physical interview environment will help you stay focused and pay closer attention to your mannerisms and the way you speak.


5. Turn off the digital voice.

Many telephone interviewees approach the telephone interview as a series of basic questions and answers. But what interviewers are looking for is how well you communicate verbally. Talking as if you are speaking to an important client will demonstrate your professionalism.


6. Demonstrate perception.

When you are being interviewed, you should be looking for places where you can either demonstrate your knowledge in an area or where you can insert a question that shows you are not only paying close attention, but that you are quick to pick up on important or missed details.


7. Allow for enough preparation time.

Though you may be tempted to wake up one half hour before the call, treat it as if the call is coming at the very beginning of a normal workday. If you sound like you just crawled out of bed, because you did, the interviewer will pick this up quickly.


8. Use forward thinking.

If you treat the end of the telephone interview as the end of the interview, you will shut yourself off from the opportunity to inquire further as to what is the next step in the interview process. In most cases, a telephone interview is designed to weed out the good candidates from the best candidates.


9. Move from voice to text.

A phone interview may be strictly a verbal process, but remember to follow up with a written thank you note, highlighting one or two important points of the conversation.


10. Find a comfortable chair to sit in.

One reason for this is phone interviews may be scheduled for 30 minutes but actually run to 45 minutes or even an hour. Think of the type of chair companies give you to sit in during an in-person interview.


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Unless you are absolutely sure of the quality of your phone connection, do not use the speakerphone option.


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