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100 Typical Interview Questions (THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS)

100 Typical Interview Questions
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100 Typical Questions In Interview

we have collected the most important interviews questions as a list so you can read them and get prepared for your interview .

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100 typical questions in interview:

  • Tell something about yourself.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What can you do for us what others can not?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why are you late? (Pure provocation) Questions on the application of motivation
  •  What is your goal with this new job?
  •  Why have not found a new place?
  •  Why will you give up your current job?
  •  What have you liked at all in your last job?
  •  What will you miss in your current / last job the most?
  •  What do you think about your last boss?
  •  What do you know about our company?
  •  What do you know about our industry?
  •  What have you previously earned?
  •  What salary you imagine?
  •  If I pay your salary, you ask, but you ask to write your job description for the coming year – which would be in it?
  •  How long would it take before you provide us with a significant contribution?
  •  Would you be willing to relocate?
  •  Do you have any questions for me?
  •  If you interview someone for this position would need to pay attention to what would?


Personality / Strengths and weaknesses profile

  •  What are your strengths?
  •  Please name three positive things that your former boss would say about you.
  •  And what would he say negative about you?
  •  What are your weaknesses?
  •  Give me some examples of ideas you have implemented.
  •  What is your biggest mistake – and what have you learned from it?
  •  If I were to ask your former boss, what training you would still be important – what would he answer?
  •  What are three positive character traits you are missing?
  •  What are you most afraid of?
  •  Give me an example of each, when you have done above average and below average.
  •  Can you describe how was it like when you were criticized for your work?
  •  Tell me something about you that I need to know your opinion, absolutely.
  •  Where do you want to be in five years?
  •  Where do you want to develop in your career?
  •  What is your biggest success you have achieved outside of your profession?
  •  What irritates you most in other people and how do you deal with it?
  •  What are your major life dreams?


Questions and Needs

  •  How do you motivate yourself?
  •  How would you describe your work style?
  •  What was the last project on which you worked and what was the outcome?
  •  What techniques or tools you use to to organize themselves?
  •  What would you do if you knew that you can make your daily tasks impossible for all?
  •  How do you put your trust as quickly as possible in your new team to prove?
  •  How do you feel when you are a “no” response received?
  •  Tell me how you had to criticize a colleague. How did you do that?
  •  Have you ever worked in a team in which one or more have rested on the work of others. How did you handle it?
  •  How do you deal with change?
  •  What task was too difficult for you and how you solved the problem?
  •  What will you do in the first 30 days of this job?


Culture / Fitting

  •  They were responsible for what in your old job?
  •  What attracted you to this company?
  •  What is the ideal company for you?
  •  What would be your ideal working situation?
  •  When were you most satisfied in your job?
  •  Which culture excites you more – creating structured or entrepreneurial?
  •  What is more true for you: You are detail oriented – You are a visionary?
  •  What is better: If a boss to be loved or feared?
  •  What are the key attributes of a good manager?
  •  And a bad one?
  •  What is the difference between good and exceptional?
  •  What conflicts did you experience in your previous jobs already?
  •  If I were your boss, and would require something from you, which you are not convinced – what would you do?


Character issues / values test

  •  Name five words that describe your character.
  •  What three character traits would you say of your friends to describe you?
  •  What are you most proud of?
  •  What was the most important lesson you learned in school?
  •  What was the most important lesson of your studies?
  •  Who has influenced you in your vital life? How?
  •  Was there a man in your career, you changed?
  •  Which manager is a role model and why?
  •  Which figures do you get along best and why?
  •  What was the hardest decision you had to make in the past two years?
  •  When you have done something wrong. How come you are able to cope?
  •  What do you regret most? Why?
  •  Lunch: You order a steak, English. The waiter brings it well done. What do you do?
  •  How would you feel if you had to work for someone who knows less than you?
  •  Suppose you find that your employer is doing something forbidden – how do you deal with it?
  •  What kind of car do you drive?


Trick questions for Web 2.0 (example)

  •  We have found a video on the net that shows you at a indoor tournament. You foul a player that has not notice the referee, however. Would you overturn today about rules when you use it?
  •  On Twitter you often write that you just do not want to work. Are you someone who must be strongly motivated?
  •  You write in your application that you have good contacts in your industry. In Xing But they are with the relevant people and not with many of your colleagues networked. How do you explain that?
  •  On StudiVZ They belong to a group of women who committed themselves to contribute to most any underwear. Do you think that could disturb the peace operation, if the experience our customers?
  •  Have you ever been a personally offensive comment posted on a blog? We have had recently found something in the blog … What was her name …?
  •  In our research we have found that you were with your previous employer during working hours online a lot and have posted comments on other websites. Was it allowed in your previous job or were you not there, busy?
  •  On your resume is that you have gained further from March to July. In your Facebook profile can be found from this period, almost exclusively, beach pictures from Thailand. What exactly was the training?
  •  In your blog you describe that you hate to work together with colleagues who do not even speak your native language correctly. How do you assess your intercultural competence?
  •  In a profile of your best friends on StudiVZ a photo of you is linked to that shows you in a rather dilapidated condition at a party. In the profiles of your other friends, we have seen similar images. Could that explain the grade 3 in your bachelor’s degree?
  •  On your MySpace circle of friends consists almost exclusively of porn actresses. Do you know any earlier from a job?


Spontaneity and stress issues

  •  What is the felt on a tennis ball?
  •  How many times a day to overlap the hands of a clock?
  •  How would you measure a plane – without a scale?
  •  If you could be a superhero, what super power would you choose?
  •  If you were an animal, what would you be?
  •  If you can choose now to be at any place on earth where you were?
  •  What three things would you take to a desert island?
  •  What would you do if you win the lottery?
  •  Do you sell me this pencil!
  •  Tell me 10 things to you how to use a pen yet!
  •  What do you do if you want to have fun?
  •  How can I make myself in your eyes as an interviewer?


The last question is of course particularly perfidious. For here it is usually not a feedback – or at least only superficially. Rather, it is a kind of spine-test or self-confidence issue. For who loslobt right now undifferentiated outed himself as a potential Schleimer, which would probably do anything for the job. The best way out of such a nasty trick by the way is not to answer this, but the change in the meta-level: “That sounds to me like a trick question. I would rather talk with you more about the job … “


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