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Are you applying for other jobs? – Job Interview Question

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Are you applying for other jobs?


Purpose of the question:

The job interview question about “Are you applying for other jobs?” are often asked by interviewers to know more about the interviewee’s engagement with other curriculum.

The answer should be such that interviewers understand how dedicate and serious you are for having a job. But make sure you are not showing desperateness which curtails your value for this job. The question should be answered honestly and no hide and seek game should be played.

Sample question:
  • Are you applying for other jobs?
  • Have you applied for any other jobs?
  • Is it the first job that you applied for?


Your Answer should be:

If your answer is yes, which means you applied for other jobs and possibly got few interview calls which is supposed to be held on next week or so, just tell it like a fact. Don’t brag or take a pride that you have so many options left even if you are not selected for this job. This shows your arrogance and negligence about the current job that you are interviewing for. It is certain that interviewers won’t like this attitude from a newcomer who is interested about the company but does not know how to show the respect. By accepting the fact, you must add some more words which suggest that you are more interested to work with them than others. You can add, “Although I have been selected for other interviews, but I would love to work for this organization as this is my dream job and my field of criteria meets this job more than others”.

This question brings the opportunity to say some sweet words about the company and interviewers would love to hear it. Don’t overact or make a long story. Only tell about 2-3 jobs which are similar to the job you are interviewing for.

If the answer is no, which means you have not applied for other jobs yet, still inform them that you are going to apply for some other companies in the same discipline. The advantage is, if you have enough credentials and you had a good interview session with them, then the possibility of getting this job increases after this answer. If you have the potential, then it is certain that they consider you an asset for the company and won’t let you be someone working for the competitor in the market.What should be avoided?Don’t just say ‘No’ and keep waiting for the next question. This suggests you are casual and lazy to your ambition. Interviewers like a hardworking, enthusiastic and ambitious person who looks to go ahead all the time. Also, avoid the fact that you have applied for 5-10 different jobs for multiple organizations. This fails to prove your commitment for a professional life rather indicates the fact that you are interviewing just to manage a job. Avoid such points, otherwise job will run away from you.


Key points to remember:

Keep the answer as short as possible. Just talk about other jobs briefly and include more words for the job you are interviewing for and make them realize that this job position will always get priority. Don’t brag rather be honest.

Possibility of this question: 80-90%Similar 

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