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Top 5 Bank Interview Questions (WITH ANSWERS)

Bank Interview Questions
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Bank Teller Interview Questions And The Appropriate Way To Answer


So you want a new banking job? Have you always heard about how fancy working as a Bank teller? If your CV doesn’t contain any errors and you get requested for an interview, what would you expect? Well here we have the most comprehensive questions of banking interview questions known to anyone.

Before you observe the questions you have to know that bank interview questions will discover your practical experience and skills as well as they relate to the banking position. The personal interview for banking jobs can be tough, it’s important to come across as comfortable and confident.

To get the bank job you want !


1-Why do you want to be a bank teller?

This bank interview question usually one of the first questions in the interview, so it decides about the overall outcome and first impressions. So you should be unique for them and rise up from the crowd with your answer, and please don’t undervalue it. Picking the good reasons is one of the important things, such as being the suitable for the job or liking to be in service for people. Stay away from the embarrassing reasons such as the salary of the position is good.

When you apply for the banking job, you need to convince the interviewer that this job is the right one for you and the position that you really want to have, your answer should not easily indicate that you can’t get a better one.

And here is some good examples of a simple answers:

  • “I enjoy talking to people and have a really impressive communication skills. I believe I could be very suitable for this job and that’s why I am applying for the position.
  • “I am a proud customer of your bank. I honestly like the customer service here. I would be arrogant to be a member in this team and I do believe that I have all the qualifications for the position.


2-Why should this bank hire you?

Try giving a quick background of a specific experience and training in your career history. More importantly highlight what qualifies you for this bank job and how you can add value to the position and also to the bank. Draw attention to how you have confirmed these skills previously.

Don’t forget that if there are areas of the job function that you do not yet have skill in, then emphasize the skills you have that will make possible for learning and performing these skills.

And there are some quite inaccuracy too simple answers to avoid such as:

  • “I am the best person for this position “
  • “You should hire me, because I am better than other applicants”.
  • “I really need this job”


These answers are extensively used but it never was correct. It’s too general and will not give the interviewer any reasons to hire you. And you will lose your chances for getting the job

so here are a good examples of correct answers:

  • “I am very motivated to get this job –it has been my dream since a long time. I will do my best to surpasses your highest expectations of yours, and be always in the service of the customers.
  • “I always believed that I have the ability to reveal needs of the others and advertise them what they really need. This will aid me in the area of customer service.


3-Why did you choose our bank?

Of course we all have our own preferences. That’s why the main of your answer must contain your honest compliment. You just should simply describe the reason for prioritizing it on other.

You have to be worry of this question cause it can lead you to wrong answers that contain personal reasons, such as the salary is the best compared to other banks or that the bank is close to your apartment. This is not the appropriate way to reach the position.

These are some better typical answers to this question :

  • “I really enjoy pending here and to be truthful, I can’t imagine working for other bank. And I have already been a client for several years of this bank.
  • “Your bank is the best known for safety in US. I would gladly be proud to work here and I hope never disappoint you.


4-What are your strengths & weaknesses?

Everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses. you have to know that interviews are tricky and clever. They can clearly make out what your weaknesses and strengths are. But still they want you to list them, in order to see if you can figure out yourself and the others.

If we come to talk about the weaknesses, its not correct to mention the same weaknesses in the interview. You ought to consider the following things before choosing your weaknesses:

  • Is this weakness somehow related to the banking job?
  • Would the employer hire me, knowing about this weakness?
  • Could this weakness somehow considered as strength?

With no doubt, you should be honest in your bank teller interview, because the core of this job is Honesty. Anyone has several weaknesses, so in order to increase your chances of getting the job all you need to do is the pick the right one.

On the other hand if it comes for the strengths, for certainly there are good strengths that qualifies you for the bank teller position.

The most needed strengths for this field are :

  • Communication skills.
  • Good sales skills.
  • Responsibility and honesty.
  • High motivations for hard working.
  • Ability to understand the needs of the client.
  • Good organization skills.

However you have to beware of one important thing. It’s always the best to Say less and Impress more. That means you have to focus with your behaviour and don’t just keep talking, try to confirm these strengths by your normally behaviour and that’s the key to success in this question.


5- Have you ever worked at a Bank Before?

The answer of this question depends on if you have worked at bank or you didn’t.

Of course the answer is easy for the one who worked at bank before, all to mention is the position you served there and maybe description of some of the duties you had.

However the hard part is if you didn’t work before at a bank. The most important thing is you should for sure be honest with them. But at the same time, you can state other related positions you had such as (cahier, sales person, customer service ….etc).

Mentioning a roles that could help you to develop skills needed for the job is one of the good ways to impress the interviewer. Otherwise, you can declare, that  despite have not worked as a bank teller before ; you know what is expected from you and the tasks that will be necessary for you.


  • What to Say at the End?

At the end, interviewers are just men and women, like me and you. That’s the reality that we all forget at the moment of the interview. If you are able to build a bond with them, you can simply improve your chances of getting the job.

Most of job applications for bank teller positions are very similar. They have the same skills, education, experiences, logically little one. Its not easy to rise from the crowd with your answers and it also not easy for the interviewers to choose the only winner, or few best candidates.

That’s why your key target is to create a good relationship with them, to improve your chances of getting the job, because personal preferences frequently influence their final decision deeply.

An old saying “luck favours the well prepared mind”.

Will it be you?


Hope our Banking Job Interview Guide will lead you through this difficult interview, from the Start to the End.

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