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Call Center Interview Questions

Call Center Interview Questions
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 Call Center Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

As a fresh graduate, you usually feel a lot of fear before you attend an interview. The solution to this fear is good preparation.  in this article there are some interview questions that you can suppose to be asked through your interview with their  answers:


1.Did you suffer any problem in obtaining this place?

answer:-The interviewer regularly asks this question to begin the talk and place the applicant to ease. You can smile and reply  for this question saying: “It wasn’t difficult to find this place.”


  1. Tell me anything about yourself.

answer:-This is the common usually asked first question in any interview and the one that can set a ground for the rest of your interview. Include details like: Your study background (not beyond 12th standard), some data about your family – father’s job, mother’s job, number of siblings (there is no need to get into their educational details) and some information about your activities or sports.


3.Why makes this position interest you? Or why have you applied for this position?

answer:-The idea of this question is to recognize if you are truly interested in this job or you applied to this job only because you are jobless. Link the job requirements with your qualification  and tell why do you believe you are a proper applicant for this job.


  1. Why do you think should we take you for this job?

answer:-This is a different style of asking the last question. A company  will  hire you if you can add remarkable benefit to it. So, direct your answer on your skills and how they can be suitable for the job you are being interviewed for. Also, tell them about your experience to grasp new things fast, adjust well into a team and manageable attitude. These are the characteristics that managers regularly seek in a fresh graduate.


  1. Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?

answer:-Being on either of the limits at work can be bad for you and the company. Your style at work should be as through the requirement. To answer this question, you can say thing like: I behave as by the requirement of the job. For e.x. If I am representing the company at an event that expects me to communicate with  a lot of people, I become an extrovert while if there is some serious problem under discussion, I think calmly and intensely on it.


6.What is your greatest strength?

answer:-This is also one of the most usually asked questions in any interview. Your response to this question shows your preparation for the interview. Your same set of strengths can not be an advantage in each interview. This requires you to tailor select your answer as per the requirement of the job you are being interviewed for.

Before every interview, analyze the conditions of the position carefully and list out the characteristics needed to perform that function. Now, create a list of the features you have and match them with the necessities. You can offer these characteristics as your strength for the position.


7.What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

answer:-This answer determines your ability to make arrangements for yourself, have an ambitious but  be realistic:

  • Say you would like to get special skills and move up the ladder
  • If you are interested in Management, say you would like to take a part-time course in x years time


8.Are you able  to modify your project/profile when needed?

answer:-This is really important for a corporation, they need employees who are ready to switch roles, to match business demands, so the common answer here is “Yes”. Say “I know it will be in best interest of the business if my supervisor requires me to expand my skills and take  another role.”


9.What skills do you want to improve to succeed in this position?

answer:-Again speak about some essential skills that are important for the position, this will show them that you are willing to learn and are conscious of your faults:

  • Tell them that you, as a fresher, have the experience but formal training to improve your experiences for a professional atmosphere


10.Are you organizing to go for further studies?

answer:-This answer requires to be responded tactfully, they need to know if you are going to stay for long or you are only there to apply their training means and then say goodbye in 6 month’s time.

  • If you are seeking further studies, so. Tell them why you need to go that way
  • If you are taking up a distance training course or a part time course, they should know, as you will require to leaves when you appear for exams


11.What newspaper/magazine/book do you read?

answer:-• Browse through the press that morning they might ask you what was the head page title, they might ask you your favorite writers name

  • Same goes for the magazine, make certain you have read the last edition
  • When giving names of books, remember the author(s) name(s) and be able to give out some review of the book


12.Do you know anyone who works with this company?

answer:-It is nice if you do not know anyone, but if you know it will be good to give out the name:

  • This explains them regarding your level of interest, and it is human nature if you know anyone who works there you will ask them for feedback about the company or the position
  • They could ask that person for your reference


13.Do you have any other offer at hand?

answer:-This is regularly a closing question and they might need to know how actively you are looking for a job. Normally give an honest answer and say why you are looking for different job with that offer at hand.


14.Do you have any questions for us?

answer:-Always have a question ready to answer this one:

  • You can ask if the company provides lateral and vertical role differences
  • You can also ask if the company encourages education and growth of employees
  • Ask if the company has plans for development
  • You can also discuss your position in detail


remember ! 
15-Introduce yourself 

This question is usually the first question they HR might ask you. This question could form a base for further discussion.

  • Discuss your family history in short
  • Explain your qualification
  • Discuss your qualifications that will help you professionally
  • Discuss your concern, hobbies

Tell me anything about yourself that is no written in your resume.


If you missed out on some details while making  your CV this is your opportunity to discuss them:

  • When talking about yourself, be fearless, but not overconfident.
  • You could discuss some individual traits or achievements





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