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Customer Service Interview Questions (AND ANSWERS)

customer service interview questions and answers
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Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers


Customer service is an essential part of any successful business. As keeping the customer happy is the most important role of a customer service agent. We all have heard of the famous line “The customer is always right”, and that is the first lesson you learn working as customer service.

Customer service is all about the customer and the service you offer, it is your job to create positive relationships with them, and making them trust in the company by trusting in you. One of the ways which this can be done is making sure that capable employees are recruited to handle this department.

There are several different types of a Customer Service you should know them before the interview:


1-Marketing: It’s all about telemarketing, sending outbound emails, surveys and poling and managing the marketing campaigns.

2-Support: It includes order taking, activation accounts, declaration of billing requires.

3-Tech.Support:  In this type clients require several technical services such as application support, data confirmation, problem decree by the technical help desk.

4-Customer Analytics: Includes quality reviewing, reporting and complaint analysis .

5-Sales: the tasks of it comprise network chats, inbound sales and co-browsing.


Now let’s show some examples of the customer service interview questions that you could face:-


1-What Do You Know About Customer Service?

The question here seeks to find out that you are familiar with the field and what is involved, and also want to ensure that you are aware there are different types and levels of services. So it will show how good the applicant qualified.

To answer this question all you need is defining the customer service is and what are the daily tasks could be depending on the type of the position you are applying.


Here is a selection of some responds to answer this question:-

  • “Customer service is all about being friendly and helpful with customers, and trying to carry out their needs as much as I can.
  • “Customer service is more than just waiting for customers to come. The main duty is to guarantee the customer is leaving fulfilled.


2-Why you are applying to work here?

The common well-known interview question that is always asked in most of interviews. The central of your answer must include your honest opinion about the company or the store.

Trying to find the good sides of the workplace is one of the major keys to this question, and don’t give ridiculous reasons such as the place is near to your address or any other personal reasons.

The answers should simple and honest at the same time and for examples:

  • “I believe that I have a lot of experience in establishments like this one, and would be so glad to have to chance to learn a new business and share my skills in advertising for customers.
  • “This corporation has been one of my favorites for years. And when I found out that there was an opportunity for employment I couldn’t wait longer to apply for this position. Becoming part of that team is one of my desires.
  • “This place seems like a really interesting to work at, with the great services and items you offer, I would be the happiest to assist that successful team.


3-Do you work well with Team?

One of the most important questions in customer service interview, it will show that if you are capable for teamwork. Teamwork is one of the main keys in customer service jobs, and the interviewer want to find out how you work well with other people. And you can’t just stick to the same common answer “I enjoy working with others”, which is the typical response. You need to show them how unique you are.


This part of skills is known as Soft Skills. It’s the most needed skills in customer service, because it’s all about how to communicate with your team, the customers and sellers, etc.

Even if your position in the company doesn’t require a lot of communication, you still will need to deal professionally and with the right manners. Even if you have all the good requirements and qualifications of the position, soft skills are the key to make you special and unique for the job.

Examples for the answers:-

  • “My capability to converse effectively with others and being a patient listener, which is vital to being a customer service.
  • Working with my team is one of my favorite’s ways at working; we can come up with creative solutions to our problems together.
  • “I enjoy working in a team atmosphere, getting along with people is one of my talents. Moreover, different team members give different viewpoints and the synergy between team members can create imaginative ideas and productive results.


 4- How Would You Deal With Difficult Costumer?

Customer service is all about handling customers’ issues and satisfying their desires. So dealing with difficult customer is one of the common situations you will face. This question will seek out how you would with the kind of customer that could put you under pressure or push you to the limits. Will you maintain your calm?

In order to answer this question efficiently, you should clearly explain how you would listen to that customer’s complains, handling a customer who is wrong and treat with the rude one calmly without shouting or fighting. Giving them previous cases of how you handled such situations would be great helpful details


5- What is more important a good product or a friendly service?

This kind of questions is tricky, because it will force you to prioritize one of the two choices. Even though those two things are the main columns of successful business. A company that offers great product but bad services won’t achieve success; neither a company gives respected services but poor quality products. There must be a Balance.


Some sample answers:-

  • “Both are particularly important. A good product is necessary, but without the customer service to back it up, there will be no reason for anyone to buy this product from the company and instead they will look for other companies.
  • “Superior friendly service can make a fair good product that much more attractive.


  6-What Is Good Customer Service?

This question is common to be asked at the end of the customer service interviews, it’s like the last test that will decide if you got the qualifications for the position or not.

The interviewer wants to what you think superiority customer service and how you would be providing it to customers. In your response be prepared to give examples of good customer service from your personal experiences as a previous client.

There are some elements in a good customer service you may ought to bring them up in your answer, such as:

  1. Having knowledge of the company’s product.
  1. Greeting people with smile or pleasant Hello.
  1. Friendly & patient manner is significant.
  1. Customers worth a punctual response.
  1. Fixing problems and replying questions for all the needs of customers.


Examples for the right way to answer:-

  • “Good customer service means having the knowledge of your inventory, also experience with your products, and for sure helping the customers to choose the best choices they got. When I was a customer once trying to decide which product should I get the customer service helped me to decide the better by showing me the advantages of every product and I respected the company and the product form just this attitude.
  • “Good customer service means helping customers professionally, in a responsive manner. It’s of the things that lead to turn your business apart from the others.



What to Say at the End?

All in all customer service is all about the attitude you will offer for the clients, if it’s good they will leave satisfied if not they will not come back again to your workplace. 83% successful companies that depends always on the customer service they offer.


Respect, patience, honest, self control, teamwork spirit …etc, it’s all elements must be in the members of the customer service you may think this job is not effective part in a large company or store. But in fact it’s all about 2 main things. A good product and a successful customer service to back it up.

“The Customer Is Always Right”

Hope our Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers Guide will lead you to be a great successful customer service.



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