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Top 15 Difficult Interview Questions

Difficult Interview Questions
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Difficult Interview Questions

Complex Interview Questions For many people



job interview is the most difficult part of getting job. Typically, at this stage a decision is made, to take you on a job or not. In this paper, we offer our readers acquainted with the advice of professionals to help you relax and feel confident in an interview. So, the questions a potential employer, the most common mistakes job seekers and the right answers.


1. Why do you want to work in this area?

Wrong answer: I like shopping. Even as a child I was attracted to catalogs and magazines.

Note: Do not say that like for you. All because they can. It is better to pay attention to the specific case of your experience, tell us about your professional achievements.

Correct answer: My real experience in retail sales began to work in a boutique. That the clothes we were selling was wonderful, but we have not worked on marketing. Together with management we have developed a marketing strategy that increased the level of annual sales by 25%. It was a wonderful experience. I am ready to participate in such projects again and again.Two.


2.Tell us about yourself.

Wrong answer: Four years ago, I received a bachelor’s degree in biology. I soon realized that this is not quite what I need. I dabbled in the trade, then worked at the law firm in the marketing department. Then he traveled. On his return took up marketing again. Now looking for a new job.

Note: Instead of the chronology is better to pay attention to their strengths. If possible, tell a couple of instances where they helped you at work.

The correct answer is: I am very active and sociable. Two years working in sales taught me a lot. In the first place, how to build relationships with customers. In my track record is a good example: at the last work I was engaged in sending information.This has helped our firm to find new customers and strengthen relationships with old ones. As a result, profit for 2 years increased by 10%. I am very interested in internet marketing. This is a very promising direction.


3. What do you say about my previous boss?

Wrong answer: He was totally incompetent. Since it was impossible to work. So I’m looking for something else.Note: Do not forget that the person in front of you may one day be a former boss. The last thing he would like to see an employee after leaving the company carried the rumors. Focus on your acquired knowledge and not on the characteristics of the boss.

Correct answer: At the last job my supervisor taught me how to properly manage their time, work effectively under tight deadlines. His business approach has shown me that in any situation you can find a way out.


4. Why did you leave your job?

Wrong answer: “Do not consorted with the boss character” or “I do not like the job.”

Note: Again, do not speak negatively about the former job or boss. Focus on positive things.

Correct answer: I received a wonderful experience. And now would like to learn new skills and knowledge to expand horizons. That’s why I’m interested in this position.Five.


5.Who do you see yourself in five years?

Wrong answer: “I see myself lying on the beach in Hawaii” or “At this position, to which I aspire.”

Note: On this question there are no right answers. In fact, the interviewer checks how you are ambitious. Thus, it turns out, whether or not you of this company. Therefore it is better to demonstrate their commitment and dedication.

Correct answer: In five years I would like to become a professional in this field. I know how to work with people and see yourself in the position of manager.


6. What are your weaknesses.

Wrong answer: I have too much work.

Note: It is better to honestly talk about your weaknesses. Because in any case they show up when you start work. Pay attention to the prospective employer how you are struggling with their weaknesses.

The correct answer is: I have difficulty with public speaking, and this may be a hindrance at this position. In previous work, I attended a special course. After that, I have successfully addressed the top management of a large company. I still do not really like to speak to an audience, but around this have no idea.


7. What kind of salary do you expect?

Wrong answer: The last job I earned $ 35,000. Now I would like $ 40,000.

Note: If possible, do not name the exact figure. Remember, to lose someone who will call the first sum. Instead, once again, list your strengths. You can mention the modest average salary of professionals like you.

The correct answer is: I’m more attracted to the work itself, rather than salary. Of course, I would like to have a decent earning, given my experience and the cost of living in New York.Eight.


Why should we hire you?

Wrong answer: My best candidate.

Note: The answer again is desirable to mention your strengths. Thus you will prove that really come to this position.

Correct answer: Worked as an assistant manager last ten years. My boss never tired of repeating that without me would have collapsed. Besides, I was engaged in self-education, which helps me in my work. I – a perfectionist. Unlike other people I have the results of my work seems ideal. But not me …


9. Remember the case where you have failed.

How do you cope with the situation?

What is the lesson taken out for yourself?

Wrong answer: I never graduated from law. I realized that I can not throw it started, even if it is very hard.Note: Do not focus on your dissatisfaction with life and talk about all the troubles in the past decade. In the interview, no one needs your problems. People just want to know how you cope with crisis situations.

Correct answer: In college, I’m very behind on the lessons of art. I was even going to be expelled for academic failure. At that moment I started taking extra lessons and read more literature. Eventually, I became one of the best students. From this situation, I found out for yourself if you do something, then do it qualitatively, a hundred percent, not “how it goes.” The only way to achieve success.


10. Your employment history is a break.What was his reason?

Wrong answer: I’m just a little tired from work and wanted to rest.

Note: Not always a pleasure to explain their breaks in employment. You do not want to seem lazy or unskilled worker, who was never taken. Say that a break in seniority arose due to circumstances beyond your reason. You could even say “family reasons”.


11. What kind of work you liked in the same place?

Wrong answer: When I have all turned out and I was praised.

Note: Do not answer vague. This question again gives you the opportunity to tell more about themselves and prove how valuable you are an employee.

Correct answer: Because I am a very sociable person, I have always loved working with clients. They also liked to talk with me. I was able to resolve almost any issue.


12. What you did not like his previous work?

Wrong answer: The lack of stability. It seemed to me that the firm is about to go broke.

Note: It is better not to talk about politics, culture, or financial condition of the company where you worked before. Potential employer is obviously not like it. Because you can do so with this company.

The correct answer is: I can not say I hate something in a previous job. Although there were moments that seemed to me to negative. For example, the line of duty, I went on business trips at least twice a month. I was very tired.


13. Have you had periods of disagreement with the staff?

Wrong answer: Never.

Note: Similar response is better not to give. Everyone understands that it is simply unrealistic, and now you’re lying. Therefore it is better to tell an instructive story, preferably with a good ending.


14. What motivates your actions?

Wrong answer: Interesting job and high salary.

Note: Not that this answer is dishonest. Thus, you lose the ability to talk about their positive aspects and to show himself optimistic person.

Correct answer: I have always been motivated by a situation where deadlines are already working closely, as it has no man. I love these moments. At this time, the staff works quickly and smoothly. As a team. All too easily forget the quarrels and insults, and the result is truly impressive.


15. How do your friends describe you?

Wrong answer: I am a good conversationalist and know how to listen to people.

Note: Of course, it’s good quality. But hardly anyone will take the team “vest.” It is better to specify the quality that is necessary for the position you are applying for.

Correct answer: My friends say I’m very persistent, diligent and ambitious people person. My friends do not remember when I threw it started in the middle.Dear Readers. Based on these examples, you can prepare your own answers, other than for the sphere in which you are going to work. We hope that these tips will help you to successfully pass the interview and get the desired job.

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