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Do you have any questions for me? – Job Interview Question

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Do you have any questions for me?


Purpose of the question:

The job interview question, “Do you have any questions for me?” indicates a signal that the interview session is ending very soon. Most likely, interviewers won’t make any new question after this. This also gives interviewee an opportunity to ask them about some internal issue about the organization.


Sample question:
  • Do you have any questions for me?
  • What can I answer for you?


Your Answer should be:

This question invites an applicant to ask about the interviewers and organization. This is a very important question in this sense that if you had a great time of interview and suddenly you ask them an idiotic question in reply to this, then the overall impression that you gathered will be ruined in a moment. If you were average in the whole session, still few smart questions can make you a hot candidate for the job position. It is always better to prepare some questions about the organization and ask them. Otherwise, you can follow up a question which was discussed in the interview earlier. You must throw a question which is very much related to the organization, so they understand how eager you are about working for this company.

But make sure, you start in that way, “First of all thank you very much for the opportunity to ask you a few questions…..”. Be cordial and gracious for their time for the interview.


Some of the questions you can ask are:
  • “Is this a new position or someone has already worked here? If this is an old position, then why did the last employee leave it and how long was he there?”
  • “What do you like the most/worst about this organization?”
  • “What should be the qualities of an employee to get fit for this position?”


When you finish your questions, end it in a nice and friendly way such as:

“Thank you sir, I do not have any more question. But if you have, please ask me”.


What should be avoided?

You have to be very careful about questioning them. First and most importantly, don’t ask any personal question to the interviewers such as about their marital status, hobbies, children etc. This looks odd to ask about family at the first meeting from a visitor. They also don’t expect it and it might push them into an uncomfortable position. Don’t ask anything which indicates that you have got the job and it is a matter of time since you start working for the company. This looks over smartness and may backfire you. The question about the products of the company or who are top level boss do not reflect your seriousness. You are supposed to know about those and asking it only shows your ignorance about the organization.Also, never ask for confirmation about rumors. Unless you are not an employee, you do not have the right to discuss them with such rumors or negative news.Key points to remember:It is the company for whom you are interviewing for. So, show your intentions towards organization related questions. Don’t interfere about personal issues and never introduce any sensitive matter which puts them in an awkward situation.

Possibility of this question: 90%

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