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Do you know anyone who works for us? – Job Interview Question

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Do you know anyone who works for us?



Purpose of the question:

The purpose of job interview question, “Do you know anyone who works for us?” is a tricky one and a lot of interviewee fail to give an appropriate answer. The purpose is to find out if any of your relatives or friends is already working for the company or not.


Sample question:
  • Who do you know who works for us?
  • Do you know anyone who works for us?


Your Answer should be:

First of all, make sure the company you are interviewing for allow members of the same family working there. The policy on relatives working is different from company to company. Some companies do not permit it to avoid unwanted anxiety such as lawsuits, nepotism, favorable treatment to relative or partiality etc. Read the policy and conditions of the company and be aware about this rule. If unluckily, one of your relative is working there and company is very strict about relatives working, it is better not to participate on interview. At the same time, some company love referral process in a sense that a good employee is only going to refer another loyal employee.The answer would be different from the conditions. You have to be very careful while answering this question as it needs to be prepared before interview session.

It opens up three situations in front of you:

  1.   You know someone who is a good person and it is safe to mention his name.
  2.   You know someone who is popular for his negative activities and it is better to avoid taking his name.
  3.   You know no one in this company.If you know someone who carries a good reputation, it is always a safe to mention his name.

But also add that, you are capable of separating professional and personal life. The good relation won’t conflict with the company’s work and in offices both of you are just two employees like others. Prove your own potential and never expect a job because of his credits.In case, one of your family members in the company could not impress anyone in the office for some bad reasons such as not being punctual to his work, involving with illegal activities and performing unethically in office, you can still mention his name. But beware the fact that, interviewers do not paint you with the same brush. To avoid it, you can try this sample answer:“Yes, I know Mr. X who is working for this company. I am informed about the fact that he is unable to perform well for this company. But I want to make sure; I will be responsible for my own work. I passionately wanted to work here and I know only hard work can make my career……”. By this way just stop talking about him and turn the attention of the interviewers towards you.If you do not know anyone, then go with your own style without worrying much about the answer. Reply with, “No” and conclude the matter right there.


What should be avoided?

Be honest and avoid falsifying. Don’t try to take credit because the relative who is working has a good stance in the company. Also, don’t ignore the fact that someone closely related to you are working here and unfortunately he is going through a difficult time with the company. If you don’t know anyone then it is fine. Go ahead of your own credibility and don’t try to deceive them by mentioning someone’s name whom actually you never knew.Key points to remember:The three situations should be treated differently. You know which situation you belong to before the interview. So, take time to prepare the best answer. In each case, be honest and try to avoid any false

statement.Possibility of this question: 90%.

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