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Ways To Succeed In An Offshore Drilling Rig Job Interview

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Ways To Succeed In An Offshore Drilling Rig Job Interview

Interviews for offshore oil rig jobs are like any other and the interviewer wants to check out your working knowledge and practical skills before hiring you. Bu do remember that any interview is a two-way process and you are also at liberty to ask as many questions you want about your future job prospects and chances of growth within the organization.

However, you need to prepare well before appearing for the interview and also to conduct yourself in a manner during it that convinces your employer to be that you are the right man for the job.

Begin by giving the interviewer what is expected by him from the candidate. Your attitude should always be positive, yet give an impression that you are mentally prepared to face the hazards of working in an offshore oil rig and are a good team player.

Display your skills as much as you can during the course of discussions. Speak of all the certificate courses that you have done and how they are relevant to rig operations. This would give you a clear cutting edge over others as a technically sound individual.

Speak eloquently of prior experience if you have any. A trained man is always preferred over a novice and also illustrate how you handled a crisis. Oil rigging companies prefer good crisis managers and this would only enhance your chances of landing the job.

Staying calm during the interview is a must. The interviewer may try and test your patience by asking some rude questions and losing your temper here just won’t help. Rather, try and firmly assert your point without raising your voice and using a spot of wit also help immensely.

Refrain from giving monosyllabic answers which may sound vague to the interviewer. Try and give relevant examples when explaining something specially if the question is a technical one. Should you fil to understand a question, request the interviewer to repeat it rather than mis-communicate. Remember this may cost you the job.

Make it a point to ask about the company’s working policies, perks and benefits it offers and other relevant items like accident insurance and mobility allowances. This will give you a clear idea of your earning potential with the employer.

Statistics for employment in offshore oil rigs show that one job is offered for every five interviews taken on an average. So your first interview may turn out to be a failure. However, do not get disheartened by it at all. Most oil companies are perpetually recruiting and your break might just come through most unexpectedly.


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