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How Do You Evaluate Success? – Interview Question With Perfect Answere

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Job Interview Question – How do you evaluate success?


Purpose of the question:

The job interview question, “How do you evaluate success?” is asked to determine what position or situation you belong to according to your own judgment.

Interviewers also want to know how you evaluate the definition of success and whether you are a result-oriented person or not through this question.


Sample question:
  • Do you consider yourself successful?
  • How would you define success?
  • How do you evaluate success?


Your Answer should be:

The answer should be started in a positive manner which is yes and go along with some previous track records.

The success in life has a different meaning for different people. But one thing that everybody wants is the satisfaction. In a particular work, you consider yourself successful and the reason behind it is your satisfaction with overall progress.

Success always does not mean wining, but it is the way that you dealt with. When you have been asked such question, the stage is yours and you should be able to define the success of life in your own style. Also, don’t bother to add a few lines of your struggling life when you had to take the courage for yourself. You came to this position, because you had self belief. You must present yourself as a goal oriented person.


A sample answer could be:

“Yes, I definitely consider myself successful. I used to set short and long term goals for myself. As an example, to accomplish a successful career I knew I had to do well in college life. So I studied according to it and so far I think my achievement at that level is satisfactory and I am quite happy the way I achieved them. Being a goal oriented person I always believe that I have to work hard till I get to the position I desired to. In between, I had a few failures too. But I learned from my mistakes and never did it again. I was persistent enough and never feared about anything. Thus so far I consider myself success and looking forward to face new challenges in future and hopefully, I have enough potential to get over it.”You can always take time and remind the success you had in life.

The answer should be prepared very well before interview session.


What should be avoided?

Never start with a negative answer. The interviewers won’t take an unsuccessful person in their company and this is certain. Do not say anything which reflects that you are a successful person already and the hunger for facing new challenges and responsibilities is no more present in you.


Key points to remember:

Add some samples where you were succeeded in early life. It might be in your school or working on a project in college life. If you obtained success in a previous job, don’t forget to mention them. Reply to this question confidently. The question can answer a lot of other queries to the interviewers. So, don’t ignore the significance of this question and arrange it in a nice manner.


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