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How to answer Teacher interview Questions?

Teacher interview Questions
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How to answer Teacher interview Questions?



Teaching is one of the highest and greatest positions that anyone would respect for sure, it might be the oldest job that been for thousands of years. And we all know that teachers are the ones that show the kids and adults which road need to be taken in our life, so it has a lot of responsibility that no one can deny it.

When you are having an interview for a teaching job, most of the questions would be on specific topics about the subject you are applying for, or age range. Also they might ask about some approaches to tasks such as behavior management.

The interview will explore more about how you would coop with other teachers and how well you would be relating to parents. So in all of that you need to correctly support your answers.

Here we would review some of the most asked questions in teacher interviews and the best way to answer.



Interview Questions For Teachers


  • Why did you decide to become a teacher?

This is for sure one of the first questions that would be asked at the interview of teaching position, and that’s the type of questions that everyone will have his own different answer and that’s the far normal.

The key here is to be as honest as you can and explain your own reasons with joy and all the thoughts you have of this job. Many teachers discover that their love for the children that draws them to teaching.

Its helpful develops on this by providing personal ambitious, and provide your anecdotes.

Here are some of the best answers:-

  • “One of my first grades’ teacher was the first inspiration for me in this career, he showed me how wonderful teacher can affect on his students to the right road. And I always have dreamt to reach this position of redirecting other students to the right road of their lives.”
  • “While I was teaching in my previous school, I had the chance help one of my students with particularly difficult science concepts that he was having trouble getting it. I tried to show him that there are many several ways to approach understanding any information, so you can choose your own way and go for it by believing in yourself. And the boy passed the subject successfully and I knew that I am in the rightful field.”



  • What is your teaching philosophy?

A typical question that always been asked in teaching interview. Your teaching philosophy is the reflection of your behavior in the classroom, your education, previous experiences and what developed during college.

In order to be ready for the interview, you ought to review several of papers you have written and some of your works to understand your philosophy more.

Talking about your philosophy can help you a lot in your interview if you impressed them. By giving creative ways and showing some examples of your previous experience, you would attract them to hiring you. It’s one of the best techniques that you could use even if the interviewer didn’t ask that question.

In the other hand, if you don’t have currently a teaching philosophy then I would recommend you to develop one for your own and make it good enough, because you need to be unique for them in the interview.



  • How will you use technology in the classroom?

In our modern time and technology everywhere, it’s important for the interviewer to find out what are your plans for using this technology for the students and discover all your ideas.

So it’s important to make sure that you are well-known with all the new ways of using available technology in classroom. But don’t forget that you should always look to research new technologies to apply it for your students as they become accessible.

You could provide some of these examples:-

  • “I was lucky to have one of these new “Smart Boards” in my previous classroom, and the kids were so fascinated with it. It made them not to feel boring and on every Wednesday I used to play some fun educational videos to help them get the information with more excited way as I can.”
  • “I am not fan of over using technology in learning; because whatever we do nothing can compare the touch of books and writing on papers and board. But for sure we should use a little help of the new technology to make the passages much easier.”



  • What is your communication method with parents?

The major goal of a successful teacher is to work in the student’s best interest, by cooperating with the parents. So generally you report as often as required and welcome parent’s role.

The main target is solving any problems and complaints and if any can’t be resolved should be addressed to the principle. And there are several different ways to communicate with parents such as texts, emails, phone, or even a note home.

The most problem is that parents are not usually as knowledgeable as they think. So if the student is the troublesome type it will be the hardest to face while explaining to the parents. Try avoiding making them angry and listening to their opinion carefully and putting some nice comments that will help you to create nice bond with them.



  • Would you be interested in participating in after school activities?

This question is a typical one that comes at the last of the interview and it’s one of the normal ways that the interviewer wants to see your attitude for the question.

Majorly you want to show how passionate, positive, and so ready to be at school. But once you get the job you can accept or refuse the activities after school, that’s depends on your interest.

But still it’s highly recommended that you become part of clubs or different activities that help creating connections with other teachers and maybe some students also, it will come in big aid in your career and make you a true successful teacher.


That was it for our Teacher Interview Guide, hope it lead you well in your coming interview and all the wishes to be great teachers.


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