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How To Prepare For An Interview (A Full How-To Guide)

How to prepare for an interview
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How to prepare for an interview

CV and its importance and its success as an important step factors leading up to the interview, which means that you may draw the attention of the employer your skills and your experience, and you are of the candidates for the interview personal to know you more and you’re about to get a job or school given you or the like, but the stage there is still some effort required to succeed in this phase of the certification and support is definitely a good impression left by your CV started successfully.

So there are some qualities that you must possess, at the interview, and are polite, courteous, Secretariat and credibility, and background knowledge of the company or body or whatever called on who will join them, and some of the information from the same place and who will be with you interview, if possible, and the expected time it takes for a personal interview, all that information you should be familiar with them in general, but must distinguish between the types of personal interview, depending on what will follow, a personal interview in preparation for a job or a personal interview preparation seminar for the grant or acceptance in one of or universities As a personal interview candidates for the award, where each has certain arrangements precede, not much different in the House of Commons and that they differ in the details.

How to prepare for a job interview

It is here we begin to talk about some things that have to advanced person (Employee) to a job interview and the first of the personal preparations.


You have to prepare for the interview as it should appear, you must appear in a formal, a suit or a suit, and should not be experimenting with a new haircut before the interview, in terms of men, and for women and girls as well for uniforms conservative, also shall be additional decorations Medium and non-striking or exaggerated, and generally must be well-groomed and clean uniforms for all, as you must experience more of the costume before the interview in anticipation of the circumstances and so as not to fall at the last minute at a loss to choose what wear  and what suited with him .


You have to train on a personal interview to answer the anticipated questions, and monitor your answer and talking about yourself and your skills and your qualifications and your talents that correspond to the opportunity that you’re on, watch yourself in front of the mirror and follow your gestures and your movements and try to reduce and get rid of nervousness or gestures movements incomprehensible and unnecessary, and should monitor your hands movements and body Body Language, do not avert your hands frequently or staring at the ground, should also consider the face of talk to you directly, you can also record your own voice, to know how stability , or some tension or frequency, or even Speed ​​is not required, and you can use assistance including the role of the person who will be with you the interview, and directs questions and how you will answer them, and should avoid talking manner Ami or the use of the words rolling or talk in an informal way.

The types of questions:

There are certain types of questions often went in the interview, but the answer certainly will vary from person to person, and tact is the most important, and should not rush to answer questions, and go easy and if you need time to gather your thoughts you clarify this and you need time To answer, and sample questions may be as follows, and you have to answer you, but there are some words that may or may support your answer describes how to answer them as follows:


  • Tell me about yourself?

Your answer may be, for example: I am a collaborator and I can work in a team, I aspire to achieve the appropriate quality of healthy life and can be counted on… Etc.

  • What are your skills?

May be your answer:  skill to communicate and work with  others, critical thinking, I can work under pressure… Etc.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

You should focus on your strengths and remember experiences indicate the strengths and should not be time to talk about weaknesses, but to remember one point of the weaknesses and your attempts to overcome them and get rid of them, such that one of your strengths, for example, you are entirely accurate in your business and care about the details, but Ieibk slow, but you overcome it a lot of training and work.

  • Why you see that you qualified for that job? Why should we use your services?

You may be your answer: I am a qualified and know how to do my job as I have leadership skills… Etc.

  • What do you expect to be in five years?

It may be your answer: to take advantage, which you have learned and realize tangible success in my work and to learn more… Etc.

These are some of the kinds of questions a person must himself train them to prepare for the day of the interview


A search for the company

It may be a long search had been carried out when you submit your application to the company. But all the information should be modern and be present in your mind, View latest company news in order to have knowledge of any new development (such as the merger of the company with another company or the appointment of a new executive manager). Make sure you know the company’s products or services and key size and the number of offices and their income and reputation, goals and problems, if any. Do you know anything about the company’s philosophy and its history (Is it a family business, when it was created?) If you have this information is not available, you can call the company and ask for a copy of its annual report, or any publications or marketing materials include the company’s products (most companies happy to send such information to you).



Attention to body language

If you are a job interview, the body language is one way that positively or negatively affect your picture in front of the interviewer, and studies say, that only 7% of the understanding of others us be through words, and 38% through tone of voice when you pronunciation words, while the remaining 55% translates body movements, if you would like to get a good result during a job interview, it must be that this ratio is used properly, and so during a job interview, do not fall into these mistakes: –

1- Do not neglect the first impression

A large part of the first impression about you, is the first 30 seconds of seeing the other hand you, so try to go in the direction of the interview chair and confident smile, and do not enter grim, or reeling in the walk during logging in to place.

2- Do not touch your face while you talk

Touching the chin, forehead, nose or ear, is not desirable is evidence of tension, and lack of credibility, and fraud, and watch out well, these movements may occur infected by the person in front of you, then you are fair because this movement repeats automatically if the one in them, so you should be enough movements awareness.

3- Do not shake your foot or your leg swing

Even if you feel that your legs are not visible under the table, beware of shake your foot or your leg, it is evidence of the tension, and nervous energy, and this feeling have been up to in exchange for making him nervous too

4- Do not fold your arms in front of your chest (wrap each other)

This movement shows the narrow-mindedness, and willingness for self-defense and if you were in a fight, as they are sometimes indicate being bored, so you should avoid during the interview.

5-Not be seated in a solid, comfortable with not more than necessary

The seated during the interview with all hardness, and head and neck straight and strongly, indicating the vanity and arrogance, and also do not be sitting relaxed Plus to look as if you are watching TV on a chair in the living room in your home, be comfortable in your session, in a manner that respects the sitting in front of you.

6-Do not mess with the things that are in front of you

We’re accompanied in a job interview a few things from the CV, and the pen, has put CSS phone also in front of you, this is a good thing, but it is good that busy hands during the interview, they are a nuisance and distracting to others, and evidence of the tension, so try to dominate on your movement, and if you fear that you cannot prevent yourself from that, try to put it on the chair next door rather than put it on the table in front of you.

7-Visually communicate with the other hand and do not stare

That eye contact is important, but stare at the person in front of you is a nuisance for him, and the researchers believe that eye contact 60% of the corresponding appropriate time, so that the consideration of the triangle to the top of the face, bridge of the nose and the eyes and forehead.

8-Do not shake your head a lot

During an interview with the person conducting the interview, do not shake your head with every word say it, this indicates ingratiating, false and courtesy that are shaking your picture in front of him.

These also are some things that must be adhered to before the interview directly:
  • That scheduling an interview is not agreement between the parties, so if you see that the interview date is not suitable, try to change it to an appropriate time tactful manner and is repulsive, for example, if you feel yourself in the best of your affairs in the morning so make the interview in a morning appointment, and vice versa if you’re someone who actively and feel more energetic evening time.
  • The phone call, or E-mail that you receive in order to determine the date of the interview, is an important part of the interview, and gives the initial impression about you, are treated with him on that basis, and try to be tactful, and use appropriate language.
  • Well attended for the interview of technical and practical point of view, and try to collect as much information as possible about the nature and place of work, which seeks to get it, and hired all of that to the success of the interview.
  • If the interview at an undisclosed location for you, do visit him before the interview, and you know all that you care about, such as the location place of work specifically, and the place where will leave your car, and other things that could be why you are late for access in a timely manner, or confuse such interview.
  • Take all you can need of papers and documents you may be asked during the interview.
  • Prepare yourself for some of the questions could expect during the interview, and your thoughts so that systems respond in an adequate way and within a calculated time.
  • Select your goal of the interview, and of the work that the interview takes place to get it, such as salary, which aspires to him, and the nature of work that you want, and others.
  • Select queries in advance you want to know about the work, it gives the person conducting the interview with you an opportunity to question and inquire about what you want, be present so even be logical in your question, and so as not to regret anything after the interview.
  • Make sure to eat the right food for good energy before the interview, and also drink enough water, in order to be in full your activity.
  • Be sure to choose the clothes fit the atmosphere of the work carried out in this interview of him, and may not be a formal dress is optimal in some cases.
  • Be careful not to be an unpleasant smell your breath, and refrained from smoking before the interview enough time, to get rid of it in the smell of your breath and clothes.
  • Be in the same place before 10-15 minutes of date, and never be delayed, if delayed, you will put the first black dot on the paper the interview evaluation, and this time before an appointment will allow you to adaptation of the atmosphere of the place and exploited in the liquidation of your mind and support your self-confidence, in order to be present the best image.
  • Switch off your phone before entering the meeting place, and tried to get away from everything that can make you reason in the interview cut.


These are some tips that I have for Advanced person to work a personal commitment omitted interview before going to the interview

Finally, do not forget, that your faith in your abilities and your personality, and your self-confidence will leave a positive impact when others without even pronounce it.

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