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Interview By Phone (FULL TIPS & TRICKS)

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Interview by phone


Congratulations! You have made the first step: Your resume attracted attention in the personnel department and you want to know more about you. Now the phone rings and you should be well prepared for the coming interview.

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we provide helpful phone interview tips and tricks to make the conversation to your advantage and targeted to make a good impression:

you have applied for a company to make your dream job or internship, and expects to be invited to interview. Instead,  because it is a mode experienced company, you get a call and the caller  asks if they agree to an interview on the phone. What now? What to do?

Here are the steps that you prepare thoroughly for the interview.

Why do companies use this type of interview?

For some staff positions your conversation is a selection tool. Anyone who has applied for a job in sales (especially telesales), must demonstrate high bargaining and speech arts. For customer service also a clear discussion, a substantive conversation and argumentation are required.

lead  to another important argument for recruiters an interview on the phone,  is the spatial distance, for example if they work abroad or a distant  city.


Succeed and achieve goals:

It is guaranteed not wrong to be talking on the phone behaves like a conventional interview. The  caller wants to know as much information as possible about you and  determine your eligibility and is therefore also similar issues as you  are used to.

Stick to facts and professional. It easily falls into temptation in an interview on the phone a collegial tone chosen. Remember: You want your buddy to a good understanding of themselves.

Your voice is your only sales tool. Talk  to relaxed, clearly, not too fast, and avoid slang or dialekttypische  words that you might not know or consider as a comparison would be  vulgar. Do not use too many “HMM” and “uh”.

Are you calling me on the phone, find a quiet place to talk undisturbed. If this is not possible, because for example just driving a car, ask for another appointment.



  • Preparation: Write down the answers to some typical questions. This can, should you ever come to a halt, be very helpful.
  • Keep a copy of your resume and cover letter, or the application form to quickly refer to You
  • Speaking neither too fast nor to make you long pauses. Do not use slang, you can finish your conversation without him ever to fall into the word.
  • Smile during the interview! There is evidence that this has a positive effect on the listener.

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