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What To Wear: Interview Clothes & Outfits For Women

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A Woman’s Quick Guide On How To Dress Up For A Job Interview

As soon as you walk in the room, a job interviewer’s evaluation of you begins. That’s why aside from flashing an impressive resume, it’s also necessary to dress impressively. A two-piece suit will make you look like a true professional.

Go for plain fabric in black, brown, navy or dark gray. If you wish to wear something with prints, pick delicate weave or checkered patterns. A matching tailored top underneath the suit’s coat will complete your look.

With regards to skirts, avoid wearing anything cut higher than the knee. Also, slits should not be revealing. If you intend to wear a pair of pants, go for one that’s custom made for you. This will ensure that it fits well; not too baggy as track pants and not too tight as jean skinny.

All jewelry items and fashion accessories should be conservative. Go for a simple yet stylish wristwatch. Steer clear of wearing extreme and chunky earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings and others. Always remember that less is more. If you’re thinking of carrying a purse with you, that’s going to be fine. Just make sure it’s simple yet elegant.

When it comes to footwear, it’s always advisable to stick to basic closed-toe pumps. Pick a pair with 1- to 2-inch heels. Sure a pair of women’s brown boots look fashionable, but not during a job interview. It’s better to go with a simple pair than extreme ones.

Put on neutral-colored stockings if you’re wearing a skirt.Practice walking in your shoes days before, especially if you bought them just for the interview. Tripping as you walk into the room sure is not really a pretty picture. It’ll also let you make adjustments should blisters or pressure on your toes show up after wearing them for some time.

Wearing no make up at all might get the interviewer into thinking you’re not prepared or interested. So it’s much better to wear make-up. But do apply minimally, and use subtle hues. Steer clear of scents that are too strong. Go for lightly-scented eau de parfum spray, and do apply modestly. Keep your fingernails clean and clipped.If you plan ahead what to wear for the interview, you’ll be more confident. That’s because you know you’re wearing something appropriate, to impress the interviewer right away. To a potential employer, how you dress says a lot about your personality and skills.

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