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Introduce Yourself – Interview Question (With Best Answer)

Introduce Yourself - Interview Question (With Best Answer)
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Are you in the hunt for a job? For that, you would be required to sit for an interview and give smart answers to the questions asked. There are different parts in an interview, each of which has a particular purpose.   The first part, and probably the most difficult part to tackle, is the “Introduce Yourself” part. This is something which will definitely be asked in some form or the other, no matter what kind of position you have applied for.

You might feel that this is the easiest part of interview question and answer since you know the Introduce Yourself question beforehand and can prepare the answer before you appear for the interview. However, in reality, it is the most challenging part since it will create your first impression and should be pitched in the correct way. So, here are some tips and tricks that will help you answer this question:

  • The Content is Very Important: The first thing you should consider here is what exactly to say. While introducing yourself, you must remember that the interviewer does not want to know anything about your personal life or anything that does not pertain to the situation. He basically wants to know the traits in your personality that make you fit for the job under consideration. So, your previous experiences in the particular sector and the qualities that you think will be suitable in this respect should be included in the answer. Remember, what you say will have a lot of impact on the questions to follow.

Here are a few key factors that need to be kept in mind while preparing for the answer to the introduce yourself interview question:

  • You should definitely include things like what made you apply for this job, what your previous experiences in the field are and also the qualifications and personality traits that make you the ideal candidate for it.
  • Highlight the achievements that you have made so far, the ones you think will prove your capabilities and present yourself as a promising candidate.
  • Brief and Precise Answers are the Key: Once you have gathered all the points that are mentionable in this respect, it is the time to frame your answer in a brief and concise manner. If you give too long answers, the interviewer will soon lose interest and may even interrupt in between and proceed to the next set of questions. Set a proper time limit, such as a minute and try to limit your answer within that stipulated time period.
  • Exhibit Your Inner Self: Many candidates have the tendency to mention points from their resume when asked for an introduction. Ideally, you should do exactly the opposite, i.e. tell the interviewer the other things that are not written in the resume and let him know how you are as a person.


So, this is basically how you should approach the first introductory question in an interview in order to create a strong impression about yourself at the very beginning. After all, the first impression is the lasting impression.

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