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Manager Interview Questions Guide

Manager Interview Questions
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Management Interview Questions



Management is one of the most positions that holds high rate of responsibility, and much sensitive than any other jobs. Because it’s being a leader and that holds a lot of meanings and points that would come in our guide.

Being a manger is like being a captain of a ship, once the captain fail…..the whole ship sinks.

In that case the questions of the management interview would be more serious than any, and here we summarized the Top 5 questions that been asked in manger interviews. And of course heading to management position means you have quite previous experience at the field and the interviewer will want to know your management style and your experience, and what are your expectations for the future. In responding those questions you need to share precise examples from your preceding work knowledge. The more good examples and specific you give, the better the interview will turn good with you.


Here are a number of the top asked questions for management position:-


1-What can you contribute to the company?

A classic frequent question to find out how hiring you would do well to the company, and that will give them the exact reasons to hire you so you should focus on giving examples of what you have accomplished in that position. And most importantly mentioning what you are capable of to do in the future, like giving some creative ideas to improve the company or make it look better, any kind of ideas would make them think you do care for the sake of the company.

Describing some examples of how you were effective in several situations in your past positions, changes you have applied, and ambitions you have achieved. Also make sure that you bring up the skills you have that are necessary to do the job they are giving to you. And most important skills for this position are called Soft Skills, it’s related to the flexibility of working well with other employees as a manger.

Examples of answers to this question:-

  • “I believe after several situations I have dealt with that I am hard worker with the right skills that needed for this position. And the good experience to get things done effectively. I can assure you that I am able to contribute my managerial skills and my capability of working well with other people.”
  • “I have a Vision, that I would be glad to achieve it in this successful company. I have the experience that needed in this company to grow. My ability to plan ahead will aid that growth as much as I could.”


2-Do you prefer working independently or on a Team?

This question would seek to know if you are in teamwork type of working or would rather work on your own. You ought to know enough well about Soft Skills because it’s the core of the teamwork. But also you can’t just stick to the teamwork the whole time, remember you will be a manger that means sometimes you need to plan things by your own and watch their work from far. So your answer must be balanced, don’t hold one way to avoid the failing in the position.

Best way to answer this question:-

  • “I equally prefer both ways, because in some situations it need to co op with your employees to discuss some points about the business or give try to solve a specific problem. On the other hand the time you need to work independently is important such as doing a needed research or planning for some new ideas. I welcome working as a team very well but I also need to work by myself several times.”


3-What strategies you would use to motivate your employees?

Management position is like the brain that gives the whole body the actions to act, every single employee is an organ does its job. However you should have the rightful and respectful ways to motivate them do these jobs properly. So the question seeks how you would lead your team efficiently.

You should express your understanding that different approaches for different personality types. A simple to mentions that you would take the time to get to know your employees and notice their needs and favorites.

  Here are simple examples to answer:-

  • “The best way to motivate my team is to recognize their achievements in the business. Recognizing the positive features of employee acts is decisive to motivating most workers. It help to make them more self confidence and do more effort to reach success for the sake of the business “
  • “A respectful feedback is my key to motivate the others and make them go forward and keep it up. I believe that without showing my employees how important they are it would be meaningless to let them work beside me”


4What are the most difficult decisions to make?

Mangers make decisions every day, and those decisions affect productivity, stability, and profitability of their establishment they represent. To show how good manger you would be, you should prove that when you face a hard situation or decision, you are able to handle it. Also the question seeks to know what is the kind of a difficult decision in your opinion.

The key to answer this type of question is by giving specific, well, and direct examples of difficult situations you have ran into at work. Then explain what decisions you had to take to solve the situations. The best way is to refresh your memory and pick the rightful situation that can show you unique you are by dealing with it with the right choice.

Examples of the best answers:

  • “The toughest decisions are needed to be taken those within the team members, because obviously it takes time and you need to be more connected to your employees. Once in my last job I and my team had to choose several sponsors for the company, but it wasn’t easy we had to make sure those sponsors are the kind that agrees with our products. That also helped us getting closer and understandable together.”
  • “To be in a manger position would be a huge responsibility, one of these responsibilities are taking hard decisions. Decisions that would have consequences on the company and the employees, so every decision is taken need to be thought of well. The most difficult decisions I would face in management are that involve layoffs. We all know that it’s hard to dismiss workers from their workplace, we all feel that guilty after doing it. But as a manger all what it matters is to keep the business up and never let my employees down.”


5- What do you evaluate success?

As a manger of course success is the top goal of the hard working and reaching the company to the highest places. The interviewer would ask this question to discover your goals and your overall personality.

In your respond, you ought to consider it as for management position, and to highlight that success not in money but in social contact and making the company like a big home for the employees. Also try to mention some skills of yours that will achieve the company goals and accomplish success.

However, don’t forget to avoid personal thoughts and opinions about evaluating success, it would show not special image of you. You should talk about the field of the position of the management. Make sure to give balanced answer, which includes improving your performance.

Here are some answers to that question:-

  • “I evaluate success in several ways; it all depends on the cause and the place. Such as at work, it is all about approaching the goals that set by the company. After I finish my work I usually go place 2 hours of soccer, and there success is to win the match. It’s all about the specific field and reaching its goals.”
  • “For me, success is about getting my job done properly. And not only my work, also my team and employees. In order for me to be a fully successful person, we have to achieve individual and our team goals.”


At the end, being a manger is a serious responsibly that will need hard working for several different ways.

Be ready to be leaders of your teams.


Hope our Manger Interview Questions  guide lead you to the correct way in the interview.





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