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Medical Assistant Interview (QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS)

Medical Assistant Interview
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How to answer Medical Assistant Interview Questions


So, you have landed an interview for Medical Assisting position and want to be prepared for the interview?

Well this guide is your best shots; we will provide you the most common asked questions in M.A. interviews. Moreover will show you the best way to answer them and all the examples you need.

And important advice, don’t forget to comprehend the requirements for the job and also you must know your worth.

Let’s start with the questions and its answers:-


  • Why did you choose medical assisting as a career?

This question can be answered with several variety ways, it all depends on your own self reasons and why it interests you. Don’t try to memorize the answers or keep thinking about it too much, you just need to be more honest with your true feelings and motivations.

By this question the interviewer would discover your attitude and also your true desires for applying for this position. And also they would decide if you would fit in it or not.

And here are some of the best answers to that question, but don’t try to save it. Just understand the way to answer from it.

  • “Well the thing is I always wanted to do something interesting, challenging, and most of all making difference in people’s lives, so I figured out that this is the rightful job. Some people think it’s not as much important as being a doctor, but for me it’s more to do and more challenging. I just love the idea of helping the others as much as I can.”
  • “When I decided to be a medical assisting, I actually didn’t know that much about this field. I just knew that I love two things, science and helping others. So after doing enough researches, I realized that there are so many types of medical assisting, and more available opportunities for exist. Therefore I was for sure convinced that this was the right field for me.”



  • How was your training as a medical assisting and also your previous experiences?

Before applying for any medical assisting positions you at least had to take spend training time. So the interviewer needs to know how was it with you, and how much experience you gained and also the skills of yours that helped you. Moreover, if you also worked in the field before at other place, that would be much better and more in aid for your interview.

Try to mention some of the hardest challenges you faced and how you passed it very patiently and also how well you have done in it. Try to impress them as much as you can, because that’s how they will know that you are unique for them. That you are the one for this position.

Examples for answers to this question:-

  • “I had an opportunity to work as an assistant to one of the biggest doctors in our home town; I have grown so many experiences because of him. The knowledge I gained during that time made me deal with these medical situations more effectively and also much carefully for the sake of the patients to help them get through their hardest moments.”



  • What do you dislike most about being Medical Assistant?

Normally the interviewers would like to reach to your fears or negative thoughts about the position, to determine all your sides and decide by analyzing it if you are qualified for the job or not. It also helps them to know what are the parts you need training in and notify you what you should improve in your skills.

You basically need to keep the negative things positive as possible, but at the same time honesty must be in place, and still that doesn’t prevent you from being as light as you can.

Some examples to answer:-

  • “My first and main reason for loving this field is helping the patients to go through their diseases and pains and suffering. And also the hardest part of the job is seeing them in this suffer all the time; it’s just unbearable feeling that I want to take that pain away from them even if it costs my own life. Its hard feeling but I know it’s for good, so I hope I get over it soon and focus more on comforting those people who needs our help.”
  • “If you ask me I would tell you being medical assistant is a fast-paced environment all the time, and it needs your mind to be as clear as possible and focused to the highest levels for anything could pop in no time. But my problem is the un-winding after work and not being used on it. It just needs time I know to get used on the difference between work time and outside life time.”


  • How would you handle a patient who complains about a deep pain?

One of the testing questions to be asked in the interview, it try to put you in the most happening situations as being a Medical assist. Try to show that you are special and valuable for them. Give them brief and direct solution to the situation with your own touch of perfection.

For example to answer:-

  • “I would keep up with the doctor who handling this patient to assure he gets the highest cares and aid with all my efforts to achieve his relief effectively.”
  • “I would be so gladly to listen constantly to their complaints, and assure them that their concerns will be heard by the doctor, and that our section is doing the best to help them get through this unbearable pain.”

At last the honesty and hard working is the key for this position, hope this guide helped you to get through the interview.

Thanks for supporting us.

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