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Top Sales Interview Questions (WITH BEST ANSWERS)

Top Sales Interview Questions
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Top Sales Interview Questions (WITH BEST ANSWERS)


When you are interviewing for a sales job, your purpose is to market yourself to the hiring director. A sales job interview is among the most challenging of interviews as applicants require to do more than just responding to Sales Interview Questions.

Every answer you give to Sales Interview Questions  must combine strong examples of your sales accomplishments. It’s necessary to be clear about how you will support the company and how you can improve sales.


  1. What fascinates you most about this job?

answer. This is usually  the fist — and most significant — questions you’ll be asked. The interviewer will clearly want to identify that you are involved in and great at selling.

It’s also necessary to explain the analysis you’ve done on the organization prior to the interview and speak about why you want to sell this special company’s commodities and/or services. Speak about your respect for the company’s sales plans or commodity quality and tell how your prior knowledge is relevant.

Possible Response:  I’ve regularly appreciated your company’s reliability for customer service and I understand that’s a great component of why your customers buy from you.  I have a lot of expertise selling to your principal demographic and I know how to market the overall product expertise — containing the customer service part. Let me tell you about a sales operations I came up with last year that focused on the benefits of customer service….


  1. What motivates you?

answer.  A good salesman must be motivated. The interviewer will require to know: do you have an enthusiasm for closing the deal?

Although there’s no one true answer to this question, you must be able to convey passion for the sales job path and a want to succeed. Discuss your own sales style and explanation on how this motivates you during your sales calls.

Your interviewer will also suppose you to be self-motivated, so be sure to tell that your motivation arises from within. say an example of a moment when you perceived an opportunity and went the extra mile to achieve a sale.

Possible Response: I am regularly motivated by the difficulty of the sale. The success of landing a different client is a thrill, and making a well-thought out pitch that will represent  that the product is very satisfying.


  1. How do you handle rejection?

answer.  To work in sales, you must be able to persist in the face of rejection. Even the excellent salesman listens to  lots of no’s. In some sales functions, you’ll be hung up on and also cursed out by possible customers.

The interviewer  wants to recognize that you’ll be able to place yourself out there over and over. This is particularly true for those in the first days of a sales job without a long track history of sales success.

Avoid responding in a way that might get them think you’re too sensitive for sales, only be honest. Who likes rejection? None! And telling it doesn’t worry you can come across as dishonest and rehearsed.

Preferably, speak about how you handle rejection and use it  as a motivator and a chance for learning.


Possible Response:  failing at landing one, or Losing a sale, is disappointing. But if you want to earn in this job, you can’t take it personally. I work hard to learn from refusal and at any chance  I  develop my sales methods.


  1. Have you consistently met your sales purposes?

answer.  Usually, the interviewer  needs to know about your sales archives. The perfect applicant will have shown experience meeting and passing sales goals.

Be ready to talk about your fabulous sales accomplishments. Refresh your mind before the interview so that you can conveniently cite numbers to show your success.

Possible Response:  Yes, I have continually met or passed my sales purposes over my 10-year vocation in the business.  For instance, last year I managed my team to pass our sales forecasts by 25% — and this was through a very tough market when most of the other partners in our department came up short of goal.


  1. Sell me this pen.

answer.  That’s correct, you will really  be challenged to present off your sales abilities on the spot in the interview.

It’s an old sales interview trick, and the interviewer is hopeful assuming that the question will get you off guard. Your answer will prove your ability for thinking on your feet and show your ability at selling everything

Great tricks to responding this question: Don’t market the pen, sell the post-sale advantages, and don’t only list the characteristics, find out what the possible buyer is looking for.

The possible responses could be long, and you should be asking inquiries to determine what the buyer needs. If they say they need long ink-life, show out that the pen is warranted to last 3 years, and so forth. You’re not only selling the pen, you’re getting it clear that the product is a requirement in the buyer’s life.

Possible Response:   Start the answer with “I would want to understand a little more about your day to day. Would you mind if I ask you a few inquiries ?” And pass on to questions such as “What is vital  to you when picking a pen?” “What do you regularly write with?”, etc.

For more experienced sales specialists, the interviewer may skip the entertainment and games with the pen and move straight to asking you how you would request selling the company’s commodities or services. Do your pre-interview preparation so that you’ll be able to talk well about the products/services and their advantages.

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