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How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question

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How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question


The question that always falls in a job interview is “tell me a little about yourself.” It seems like a way to break the ice, an open question that you can answer with information about your personal life or briefly explain why you left your last job. But it is also a safe bullet that you can take advantage of to leave the best possible impression on the interviewer.


And how do you answer an interviewer who wants to know more about you? CNBC consulted two experts: Joan Kuhl, founder of Why Millennials Matter, and Sandy Gould, head of human talent at Oath, Yahoo’s parent company.


For Kuhl, the essential thing is to adapt the answer to the work you are requesting. “List the skills required for employment and test them with your skills, whether acquired professionally or developed through extracurricular activities, courses … anything goes”. Second, trust your work experience and talk to the interviewer about all the jobs you’ve had: “Each experience teaches you valuable lessons and skills that can be transferable, the important thing is how you sell yourself.” Finally, prepare a story that demonstrates that you have good judgment against business challenges or difficult situations: “practice with a mentor or friend.”


For Gould, the important thing is to be genuine: “honesty and sincerity can say a lot about the qualities and values ​​of a candidate, be yourself because the rest is in the curriculum.” If you have no work experience, talk about your passions. Show enthusiasm for the opportunity, and willingness to try new things and increase your skills. And, of course, prepare for the interview. “Do a little research on the company; you can easily find your interviewer on LinkedIn and know a little more about the person you’re going to talk to.” Then, focus on what you think you’ll find interesting.


In summary: there is no concrete answer, but there is a way to answer the question. Document yourself about the skills that the interviewer will seek, talk about your work experience highlighting some of those skills and, above all, be yourself to make a better impression. Good luck!

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