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Top 5 Job Interview Questions

Top 5 Job Interview Questions
Written by bakair

Top 5 Job Interview Questions

Today I will talk about job interview skills. Firstly, I will mention the questions which maybe recruitment managers are going to ask you.  Also, I will mention the good answers to them. People who interview you are looking for people who know their standards and qualifications.

The hard thing is we don’t know what they want. Therefore, you have to do research before your interview.

What does the company which you apply for a job do?

For example, if you are working in a restaurant, do a research about the restaurant, and have qualifications which are important to getting job. Get necessary certificates, extra skills, education or courses about job.


Now, what are the possible interview questions?

Firstly, they may ask the question “Can you tell me about yourself?”.

The answer shouldn’t be “I like sleeping late.” or “I love loud music.” . They are not good answers. What are the good answers? Talk about your positive personality traits. “I am really friendly. I love people and I am outgoing. I can speak to anyone. I am good at solving problems.”. Also, you can highlight your skills. For example, what you are good at your old job. If you are really good at working with computers or if you are good at arts, you should mention these good personality traits. Be careful because it’s important that these traits have to be related to the job.  If you want to work again in the restaurant, you tell them that you’re really interested in food and wine. In addition, you always be positive and smile.



Secondly,  the question may be “Why should we hire you?”.

The answer cannot be “I need a job. I want to work at your company and make lots of money.” . This is not also a good answer. People who interview you love hearing the sound “team player”. “ I am a team player, and I work well with other people. Also, again highlight your skills, your qualifications, your education and your experiences. If you work at a company which is similar to the new company which you apply, talk about the old job experiences and your carrier.



Thirdly, they may ask you this question. “Have you ever had a confrontation at your last job?

The answer is, of course, “No, I haven’t.”. However, they may ask this kind of question more directly “Tell me about a confrontation at your last job.” Now, “I really hated a person at my last job, and he really made me angry. So, I peed in his coffee.”. It isn’t a good answeer. Your answer should be “We work on a project with an employee and he didn’t work productive. He wasn’t doing a good job. So, this situation annoy me.”.



However the next question may be “ How did you resolve it?”.

Your answer may be  positive all the time. “As a result, we talked about this case and we solved the problem.”. This is a good answer. Always make sure that whatever happens  there was nothing bad in the end.



The last question is very difficult and tricky. “What are your positive and negative traits?”.

Always talk about your positive traits. You should only focus on your positive traits. If you will talk about your one negative traits, you should talk about your five positive traits. “I love working other people and I love work. I am a hard worker and dedicated worker. . . etc.” is good examples of positive traits. What about your one negative traits? It may be  “ I am obsessed with research. I go home at night and I would like to research about the other companies becaouse I love knowledge. etc.”. Tell them only little bit negative traits, don’t tell them  every bad thing about you. The keyword is “many positive traits one negative traits”.Thank you.

Have a good job interview.

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