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Tough Interview Questions

Tough Interview questions
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Tough Interview Questions

 -How to answer most of the toughest Interviews Questions?

Have you ever thought of how hard interviews can get, or how stressful it make you feel, it all due to the type of questions. If the questions are a bit of personal it will make you feel nervous and uncomfortable a little bit.

These questions are much more challenging than other questions, some are tricky ones. The interviewers try to ask those questions seeking how you would react to it. With those, the way you respond to these questions is as important as what you say when you answer.

So here we are showing the toughest examples of questions and the best way to answer them:-



  1. Why have you been out of work?

From the most questions that make the interviewees get nervous, especially if they have been out of work for long time, the interviewer will ask this question to know the reason. So you need to be prepared for it.

First thing you have to know that employers understand the Working Gap that a lot of people have it, its normal so you don’t be shy. On the other hand you still need to be prepared to respond the questions about the length of period of time you have been unemployed.

The best way to answer the question is by explaining that you were waiting this position specifically, because you find yourself fit in it so well. In terms of describing your skills and abilities that would do great in the position, all of this will attract them for hiring you. Even though you may really need the job but you need to be more self-confident. Beware that if they felt that you need any random job out of desperation because you have been unemployed for long time, your chances of getting the job will fall in no time.


  1. How do you handle your stress?

Most of people answer mistakenly this question always by assuming that they don’t feel stress at all and nothing make them stressful. Well nobody ever can prevent feeling stressful sometimes, because it’s the normal for humans to reach the point of feeling stress sometimes. Instead interviewer wants to know how much you can handle pressure in work, or how much it affects you.

The best way to answer the repeatedly question is to give several examples of how much you have handled stress at work. And try to be as clear as you can, just show him simple picture of how good you able to work in the middle of pressure and stressful situations.

For example tell about a time that you were given a tough task in short length of time and you could finish it successfully right.

Best answer is :-

In fact I find myself work better under pressure, and that’s due to I like working in challenging atmosphere, it makes me bring all what I can do. My most of creative ideas come out of being under the pressure of a deadline.”


  1. What are your greatest weaknesses?

For this common question try always to avoid mentioning the skills those are critical for the position, or deep personal weaknesses. Focus more on showing the skills that you could improve lately or turn a negative to positive.

The best tricky way to answer this question correctly is by framing around positive feature of your skills and abilities as an employee.

A smart to do is analyzing the key skills of the job and the qualifications that needed for the position you are interviewing for. And then simply mention some honest weaknesses that are not related with the job.


Examples of the best answers:-

  • “I used to wait until last minute to set appointment for the coming week, but then I realized that putting everything on scheduled time makes much more sense”
  • “Being organized wasn’t my best point, but then I managed to create a successful time management system that aided my organization skills fair well”
  • “I always believed that to make sure the work is perfect I should check it for 3 times or more. However, I have come to a good balance by setting a system to make sure everything is done correctly from the first time.”



  1.  Why were you fired from your last job?

Well this could be one of the most annoying questions, because it will take you back to hard parts of your previous employment experience. So all you need to do is focus on giving simple reasons and as clear as you can. And you must know that it’s not shameful that you were fired, we all do mistakes. But being special is by learning from those mistakes.

And those are several good answers to reply:-

  • “The position I had wasn’t working out with me, so the boss and I decided for good that it was good for me to reconsider other position that would show better results for both of us. So here I am ready for work and I believe this position suits me more.”
  • “Apparently, a new manger came in and cleared some spaces in order to bring some members of his old team. But that was after all in my aid to find better opportunities.”
  • “I usually have good relations with my bosses, but the last case was the first exception. We just couldn’t get on well, and I still don’t know the actual reason.”


  1. Could you rate me as an interviewer?

The normal finality question in common interviews, especially in big companies. Mostly the interveners are interested in a constructive feedback; the safest way to answer is to focus on the positive elements to avoid mistakes.

So it would help a lot if you could understand some strategies of carrying out effective interviews. You can then mention the positive approaches during the interview.


At the end all you need for any type of questions you would face in interviews is self confidence, honesty, and well prepared. Don’t ever be afraid or shame of yourself, because that shame will take you down in the interview.

Hope our guide led you to the rightful road in your interview.



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