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What are your salary expectations? – Interview Question with Answer

What are your salary expectations
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Job Interview Question – What are your salary expectations?

Purpose of the question:

In a job interview, the salary negotiation question such as, “What are your salary expectations?” is usually asked at the latter end of the job interview session. When the interviewers are quite satisfied with the credentials and answers from the interviewee and about to offer a job, they usually discuss about salary in prior of offering the job officially. They may ask this question to all the interviewee to know what are the demands and salary they expect for this particular job.


Sample question:

  • What kind of salary do you need?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • What salary does fit you for this job?


Your Answer should be:

Salary negotiation questions should be handled with trick and by asking more time to think about it. This is not wise to agree to an amount right away. You may request for a week to think about this issue and let them inform later. In case, they force you to say an amount right there, then it is better to go with a realistic range and not a specific amount. But you definitely need some homework to do for it.

There are a lot of sources over the internet where you can research for an average wage for that particular job. The surveys which are conducted by different organizations about salaries may help too. If you have come to know about the job through an advertisement or circular and maximum amount of salary is defined there, then there is hardly any scope for salary negotiation as both parties have already agreed to an amount. In such cases, if you perform exceptionally well at interview, then there is a little chance that they will offer a better salary.

The best salary negotiation tips would be to counter question them and asking for more details about job responsibilities. You can say, “Before we discuss about salary, I need to know more about the job responsibilities and compensation package”. The compensation package is really an important issue while negotiating the salary. There are taxes, benefits, compensation which needs to take into account to calculate the amount that you can take home at the end of the month.What should be avoided?

Don’t go first to talk about this issue and always remember that this question can only come from interviewers. If you rush, then there is always a possibility that you lose this game. Do not mention a specific salary on a cover letter or resume. A salary history may need to attach by mandatory with cover letter. In such situation, do not attach any false salary history. For salary negotiation technique, you can write something, “We can discuss about salary during interview”.Key points to remember:Take time while considering the job offer. If you have enough potential, then the company won’t bother to offer the maximum amount which is allocated for that particular position. The key here is to be patient and company is more likely to call you a few times and offer a better salary till you’re agreed. The reputation of the company, your dream of working with them, distance between home and office, opportunities of promotions can also play a role for accepting a lower salary from an interviewee’s point of view.

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