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What can you contribute to this company? – Job Interview Questions

What can you contribute to this company
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Job Interview Question – What can you contribute to this company?


Purpose of the question:

The purpose of job interview question, “What can you contribute to this company?” is regularly asked by interviewers to know what special qualities interviewees have that can be beneficial for the company. They expect interviewees to answer with some advanced and deep thoughts about the organization.


Sample question:

Explain how you would be an asset to this organization.

What can you contribute to this company?


Your Answer should be:

To answer this question, you have to do some research about the company and the job position you are interviewing for. You should be totally clear about the job responsibilities and requirements. Now the time is to emphasize on your strengths which relates to the job requirements. If you have experience then relate it to the job position and tell them how you are going to improve the rank of this company.

If you can show that you are committed about the company and have a deep thought, you will be considered as a hot candidate for the job.Every company wants to progress from the position they are in now. Thus they demand for a loyal and responsible person to employ who are passionate about their work. They want to hear about new ideas which can boost their achievements and help to out rank their competitors in the market. You can refer to some of the qualities like loyalty, energetic, devoted to work, responsible, result-oriented, confident, knowledgeable, skilled, expert etc. But this is not enough.

Everybody will be replying with these qualities and it does not matter whether they have it or not. But to be a special one among all, you must be thinking otherwise and give some advance thought. You must prove the point that you are an asset for the organization and profitable long term investment.First of all, when you know about the job responsibilities, then try to find out what qualities and strengths you have which will help the company to improve. Also, find out in which area the company needs to improve and how this can be achieved. If you have an innovative idea and tell them precisely, they will be convinced about your talent and potential.

If you are that thoughtful being an outsider, then if employed the company is definitely going to get more from a candidate like you. This is how you will be evaluated by the interviewers.You should add some generic qualities too. If you are interviewing for Product Manager or similar position, inform them about your capabilities of convincing people and converting them to sales. Your knowledge, contacts and communication skill are also important for this position.

If you are interviewing for a job position of IT specialist, tell them how hardworking you are as a person and your level of technical knowledge for this position.


What should be avoided?

Don’t introduce any rumor which is widespread in market about the company. You must not tell them anything that relates to it. They will never like to hear such things from a newcomer. Also, do not compare yourself with other candidates. Only interviewers have the power of judgment between applicants and you don’t.


Key points to remember:

Tell more about the company and less about yourself. Just try to convince them with your capability. You should be verbally bold and body language should be positive while replying to this question.


Possibility of this question: 100%




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