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What experience do you have in this field?

What experience do you have in this field?
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Job Interview Question

What Experience Do You Have in This Field?


Purpose of the question:

The purpose of asking a job interview question, “What experience do you have in this field?” is very specific and interviewers want to know what sort of experience you earned that is relevant to this job position.


Sample question:

What experience do you have in this field?

What applicable experience do you have?


Your Answer should be:

The answer of this question is hidden amid job descriptions and the responsibilities that this job offers. You can easily answer this question if you had a job in similar disciplines. Your past job experience and achievements are key points to answer this question.

But if you are a fresh graduate and you don’t have sufficient experience yet, then this question is going to irritate you a lot. You might be asking yourself, “I have just been graduated, where I can gather experience.”Experience is the key and interviewers obviously like it.

An experienced person in a particular field has been always ahead in the race than others. They also get some priority for the position. They can start the working in the office right from the very first day which is not possible for a fresh graduate. Thus interviewers infer that they are a good investment for the company even in sake of some extra salary. They are efficient and maximum output can be generated by them without waiting more days. This question is asked to maximum candidates to check who got the experience for this position.

Newcomers can consider themselves unlucky at this stage.But still fresh graduates can refer to some of their experience which they gathered while working on a project with a professor. Internship or part time job experience can boost your chance. Beside this, if you have any relevant workshop or pay course experience, don’t forget to mention them. Attach any relevant certificate in the job application form if possible.

For a perfect answer go through the job descriptions few times and try to find out the key points which are required for this job. Synthesize them and be very specific.


What should be avoided?

Don’t mention about experiences in other sectors which will definitely reduce the chances for this job. If you don’t have anything significant to reply with, tell that you are a good learner and can grab anything very quickly. Also, mention your strength of interacting with people and communication style. It is better to avoid referring working experience under your friend or relatives unless you have any evidence like a certificate. Unless, you are not asked about any other experience, it is better not to bring up some irrelevant experience.


Key points to remember:

The entry level job is hard to obtain these days. Your chances are double if you can show some evidence of experience. Thus the trick is to find a part time relevant job or join a pay course after graduation. Joining courses carry a good value as an alternative of job experience.


Possibility of this question: 100%.

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