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What is your dream job? (Interview Question with Perfect Answer)

What is your dream job?
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Job Interview Question

 What is your dream job?

Purpose of the question:

The job interview question, “What is your dream job?” is often asked to make the environment easier for the interviewee and provide him an opportunity to say something of his own. The answer should not be given in a direct manner rather you can reply with some generic information.

Sample question:

Tell me about your dream job.

What is your dream job?

Your Answer should be:

You have to be a bit fancy about your dream job. This is quite natural that everybody is nursing something on their mind, especially from college life, when they started realizing that after graduation then will have to find a workplace where they can work independently and live a happy life. But in dream job, a lot of things are existed, which is realistically impossible to obtain.

Anyway, the answer should be such that you are yet to find it or not invented. Now, you have two options and both have some drawbacks which might reduce your chances of getting the job.If you say, the job you are interviewing for is the one you had dreamt for, then it is not the perfect answer.

The interviewers are smart enough to realize that you are overreacting or oiling because somehow you need this job. So beware of it.If you are saying about something else and it relates to other jobs or companies and not the one you are interviewing for, then the suspicion of leaving the job after a few months will be raised quite naturally in the mind of interviewers. Interviewers will be thinking that you might get bored or dissatisfied with this job and leave once reaching in that stage.You are surely in a dilemma.

So, what should the perfect answer? As stated above you got to be a little bit fancy about your thinking.

A sample answer might be:

“My dream job includes a workplace which is easy to work in. The environment should be comfortable, friendly and welcoming. I should be maintaining a co-operative relation with my seniors and juniors. My dream job should have enough space to use the best of my skills and talent. I also should have the opportunities to show my potential and growing up with company”.Also add that, you demand in a joyful environment where you can set course and responsibilities for juniors and maintain a friendly cordial relation with seniors and colleagues.

This answer will also tell them that communication is the key for you and you are a team worker.

What should be avoided?

Dream jobs are such that it is almost impossible to obtain. Thus don’t bridge it to the current job or mention any other jobs. Interviewers won’t mind if you are a bit dreamy about it. Don’t mention anything about salary range which reflects your cheap mentality for this question.

Key points to remember:

No direct answer and try to be a bit ambitious but within realistic range. Make your own answer being dramatic but not being out of the world.

Possibility of this question: 80%.

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