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What qualities do you look for in a boss?

What qualities do you look for in a boss
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Job Interview Question

 What qualities do you look for in a boss?


Purpose of the question:

The job interview question, “What qualities do you look in a boss or supervisor?” is one of the most common question and the purpose of this question is to determine whether you will fit for the managerial framework of this company or not. It also tells them in which office environment you would be working best.


Sample question:
  1. What qualities do you look for in a boss?
  2. Tell me about your ideal boss.


Your Answer should be:

While answering this question you have to be very generic and limited to own demands. You should not be very fancy and mention about the traits that a superhuman boss only can obtain. Be modest, realistic and mention more about managerial work style of the boss.

The future boss is probably sitting in front of you and it is never possible to guess what qualities he has in the first meeting and without looking at his work style. Thus the safer option to answer with some generic traits which are quite common among bosses or they think that they have it.Also, scan through the job position that you are interviewing for and the responsibilities that you will be responsible for.

Now, you should get some ideas. You can either bring an example of past boss or tell them about any future preference. Future preference means you did not find the boss you were looking for, which also means you were not fully satisfied working under previous boss that indirectly indicates you are condemning him in some extend.

Thus an appropriate answer should have a mix of praising the qualities of previous boss and the one you are looking for in the future.


Some of sample questions are:
  • “I want my boss to be the leader of our team under whom I can work with freedom. He should have a sense of humor and must have the quality to maintain a communication with his members.He also should be able to motivate us by his attitude, guidance, speech and feedback.”
  • “I should be working independently under him. I also should get the respect and value that I deserve from him. He must care me and encourage for more creative work by honing the skills that I have.”
  • “My ideal boss should be very knowledgeable about the work and should be able to guide me in the right way so we can output a better result for the sack of company”.
  • “My boss should be very clear about his duties, should remark our work, fair with everyone and discuss frankly about the success or failure”.

Mix up with the sample answers stated above and make your own.


What should be avoided?

If you are interviewing for a job position in the marketing department and you reply that your boss must be a savvy IT specialist, then it suggests, you either do not know what is going to be your responsibility if selected for this job or you did not think about the qualities of the ideal boss ever. So, beware of it.  Also, never condemn about previous boss, which can easily knock you out.


Key points to remember:

Be generic and vague as if you are still looking some more qualities in future boss than previous one. Be careful about using negative words.


Possibility of this question: 100%

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