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Why did you leave your last job?

Why did you leave your last job?
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Job Interview Question – Why did you leave your last job?



Purpose of the question:

If you had a job and you left it or about to leave, then job interview question “Why did you leave your last job?” is definitely the one which will be asked by interviewers. The question will be asked to learn about the interviewee’s ability to adjust to the office environment and how long he will carry on this job. Bad mouthing about previous boss can knockout you immediately for this job position. If this is your first prospectus job, then you exempted from this question.


Sample question:
  1. Why did you leave your last job?
  2. Why did you leave your previous job?
  3. Would you mention the reasons for not continuing the last job?


Your Answer should be:

This is a critical question in a sense that it can reveal the characteristics of the interviewee which actually he didn’t want to disclose. Thus pointing out the reasons for leaving past job should be answered after well thought. Rather mentioning about the problems with management even if you did, you should talk about something which looks positive and reflect your seriousness about future careers. If you were laid down due to the cutback of the previous company, then accept the fact honestly as you could hardly do anything about it. If you were fired, then confess it and mention what sort of thing you have developed in yourself since then.

Now the question is how to satisfy interviewers with an appropriate answer. You can mention few things here like relocating for family needs, looking for more opportunities, wanting to take more challenges and responsibilities, need a big stage to perform well etc. It is better to tell them that you are seeking for more room and opportunity for growth which was not available in the last job.

If possible, show some samples like what is your future goal and at which stage you want to see yourself after 5 or 10 years from now. This will let the interviewer know about your future plan and ambition.Make a colorful and ambitious answer. You can make the answer ready of this question while preparing for the interview.

You should invest a good amount of time behind preparing the answer it as this could help you to get shortlisted for the job position.


What should be avoided?

Never mention about any personal conflict with the boss or any other employee in the past job. Don’t even try to showcase your daring attitude saying, ‘I left it because I did not like my Boss’. This is going to backfire and knock you out of prospectus job position. If you have left past job with such attitude, then most likely you are going to behave in the same manner for this company too. This is how interviewers will be thinking about you even if you have changed yourself.

A company would not be interested to appoint an insolent who has little knowledge about how to behave with others in the company. A company does not want to pollute the office environment for just one. Don’t make a false story in case you were fired as your reference and resume will be checked by them that you provided with job application.


Key points to remember:

Don’t condemn to previous boss, employee, office environment or management style. Always be positive and tell about your future plan which needs a big platform like in this company.


Possibility of this question: 100%.

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